Warehousing is key to logistics management and the improved efficiency of supply chains.


At SEABRIDGE® the safe storage and internal movement of goods is carefully managed to ensure that all operations are synchronised to reduce cost and preserve product quality.

Particularly at peak seasonal times, SEABRIDGE® network of warehousing facilities is able to effectively work under the additional pressure and provide structural consistency. Our extensive experience allows us to negotiate peak seasonal workloads and provide flexibility for businesses in a range of industries. Tailored and careful planning ensures the seamless execution of large, complex supply chains.
SEABRIDGE® operates several multi-user warehousing & Logistics sites in the UK and Ireland to cater for the requirements of large and smaller clients. The company has expertise in handling and storage of food ingredients and raw materials for the food and beverage industry. Commodities include, coffee beans, tea, seeds, starch flavourings and ingredients. The sites are registered with the Health Service Executive (HSA) as Food Business Establishments and SEABRIDGE® has been accredited by Organic Trust for the storage and distribution of organic coffee. SEABRIDGE® is also registered to store Rainforest Alliance coffee on behalf of our clients.


Enhanced Product Flow

Reduced Handling Costs

Improved Loading & Delivery Productivity


SEABRIDGE® operates over 250,000 sq. ft. of warehousing facilities at five locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland, with market-leading technology and full online visibility.
Stock rotation, sales and stock analysis, quality checks, inspections, repacking and technical modifications are all part of our standard service.
SEABRIDGE®. Operates multi-user and dedicated warehouse facilities including temperature-controlled facilities that are HPRA approved.
• Dublin,
• Cork 1.
• Cork 2.
• Haydock St Helens,
• London Heathrow,
• Belfast


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