The apparel industry always produces a large variety of different designs to meet evolving buying requirements, creating uncertainty regarding stock storage and production.


Fashion changes not just year by year but season by season. Just-in-time supply of apparel to end markets has become a demanding absolute requirement for any company in the apparel retail marketplace. The supply chain is being stretched by sourcing and production in new locations around the globe, and for the apparel industry, and especially large retailers, this means the demand for higher levels vendor support in locations they don’t know very well.
SEABRIDGE® Logistics delivers global fashion solutions from origin direct to inventory hub or retail outlet.
Providing end-to-end visibility, value added logistics services and supplier management are key components of our specific expertise in the fashion and textile industry, including hanging garments (GOH) by ocean transportation.

Our network of experts and working with our partner OOCL Logistics in sourcing fashion wear including footwear and garment accessories from the factories of China, Asia, IPBC, South East Asia and emerging economies is co-ordinate with all the supply chain stakeholders, optimising costs and lead time performance.


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