Company Founded

The SEABRIDGE® brand was founded as a separate brand by its then parent company, to promote & develop the organisation's Ireland/UK/Ireland LCL (Groupage) freight activities between Dublin and Liverpool on an overnight express service.



First Distribution Centre Opens in the UK

In 1986 SEABRIDGE® opened its first Distribution Centres in Dublin, followed closely by centres in Cork, Haydock, Belfast, Birmingham and London (Heathrow). These operations were established to develop scheduled Overnight Express LCL Services between Ireland and the UK.



SEABRIDGE® Office Opens in Cork

In 1989, SEABRIDGE® opened its first office and distribution centre at Little Island, County Cork, Ireland.



SEABRIDGE® opens additional Offices in London & Birmingham

Seabridge® continued its development across the United Kingdom with offices in Birmingham and London Heathrow, promoting further development within the Groupage and Full load express services.



Opens First Storage & Logistics Centre

In 1993 SEABRIDGE® expanded its range of services to include specialised temperature-controlled warehousing environment with added value storage related services, with the opening of a 49,000sq. ft² facility at Airton Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24.



SEABRIDGE® Expands its Storage & Logistics footprint further;

In 1994, SEABRIDGE® opened a further 56,000sq ft warehouse at Broomhill Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Later in 1994, SEABRIDGE® opened a third storage facility in the Tallaght area at Cookstown, Dublin 24..



SEABRIDGE® Expands its Storage & Logistics footprint in Cork

In 1995, SEABRIDGE® opened a 35,000sq ft² office facility at Little Island, County Cork dedicated to the Medical and Healthcare Sector.



SEABRIDGE® Belfast Northern Ireland

Later in 1995 SEABRIDGE® opened its own office in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Operating a daily groupage service between London Heathrow, Haydock Merseyside and Belfast.




SEABRIDGE® Expands its range of services

In 1996, SEABRIDGE® increased its range of services to include the transportation of bulk liquids, bulk powders and gases.  Today, SEABRIDGE® offers a wide range of specialised bulk logistics solutions for the Food, Chemical, Beverage and Pharma Sectors




SEABRIDGE® Stevedoring

In March 1997, SEABRIDGE® expanded its bulk powder business across the United Kingdom and established its own stevedoring operation on the Manchester ship canal Runcorn, handling approximately 350,000 Tonnes of powdered chemicals annually.



SEABRIDGE® Expands its Storage & Logistics footprint in the United Kingdom

In 1997, SEABRIDGE® opened a 97,000sq ft² facility in the greater Manchester region.



SEABRIDGE® Expands further its Storage / Warehouse footprint in Dublin.

A year of significant expansion in warehousing and distribution in Ireland occurred, with the opening of a 65,000 ft² FMCG distribution centre in Tallaght, Dublin and a 20,000-pallet 82,000ft² multi-user warehouse facility in north Dublin.



SEABRIDGE® consolidates its portfolio of freight services.

In 2003, SEABRIDGE® continued development in the United Kingdom and Ireland focusing on Overnight Express Freight Services, Express Full Load Services, Freight Forwarding, Air Freight, Bulk Transportation Services, and Specialised Logistics Warehousing. This development led SEABRIDGE®to now be ranked as one of the leading Irish Logistics and Overnight Express companies operating on both sides of the Irish Sea.



SEABRIDGE® Establishes New Distribution Centre in Dublin.

In 2005, SEABRIDGE® opened a new 50,000 ft2 central distribution centre on the M50 Dublin at Mygan Business Park, Jamestown Road Finglas.



SEABRIDGE® commissions a second warehouse facility in the Cork region.

In 2006, SEABRIDGE® continued its warehousing expansion in Cork opening a second and third facility specializing in the pharma and healthcare sector.



SEABRIDGE® Containerized Ocean Freight development.

In 2010, SEABRIDGE® was appointed both Sales and Operational Agent for the world’s leading Container Shipping Company, COSCO Shipping Lines Limited.



SEABRIDGE® develops relationship with COSFRT & SEATRADE.

In 2012, SEABRIDGE® is appointed agent for COSFRT, a subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Lines. COSFRT specializes in the forwarding and LCL sector worldwide. Later in 2021, SEABRIDGE® is appointed agents for COSCO Shipping North America subsidiary SeaTrade; again, specializing in LCL & forwarding.



SEABRIDGE® Intra European.

In 2015, SEABRIDGE® is appointed Sales and Operating Agent for Diamond Shipping Lines; a subsidiary of the COSCO organisation based in Hamburg focusing on intra-European container services.



Weekly Feeder Service.

SEABRIDGE® through its principal COSCO Shipping Lines, commenced a weekly Container feeder service between Dublin and the Port of Zeebrugge with dedicated tonnage of a 1,100 TEU vessel being deployed on the route.



SEABRIDGE® & China Shipping

As a result of the merger between China Shipping and COSCO, SEABRIDGE® was appointed the Agent for the combined entity.



SEABRIDGE® Develops Sky-Bridge

SEABRIDGE® separated from its forwarding business, to all Air Freight activities under the brand of SKYBRIDGE®.



SEABRIDGE® further expansion in Cork

SEABRIDGE® expands its Storage & Logistics footprint by a further 25,000 ft² facility in Little Island, Cork dedicated to the Beverage sector.



SEABRIDGE® COSCO Specialised Carriers Ltd

SEABRIDGE® is appointed Ships Agent & Port Agent for the island of Ireland, with regards to COSCO specialised carriers including all COSCO break bulk, bulk & tanker shipping activities on the island of Ireland.



SEABRIDGE® expands its direct services with mainland Europe

SEABRIDGE® launches its own import and export LTL / groupage & FTL services, connecting several EU mainland hubs with SEABRIDGE® Dublin and Cork Distribution Centres. SEABRIDGE® further expanses its Storage & Logistics footprint in Cork with the commissioning of a third facility of 40,000 ft² in Little Island, Cork.



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