SKYBRIDGE® The Air Cargo Division within the SEABRIDGE® group has an air freight solution that will fit your requirements built on over 30 years of experience within the air freight sector.


SKYBRIDGE® has a speciality in the long-haul air sector with particular emphasis to and from Asia, China and the Far East market working with a number of Chinese Carriers.

SKYBRIDGE® is a member of the International Air Transport Association, IATA, in addition to CASS membership. This allows us to achieve the best and most direct routing with a large number of airlines, which in turn results in time-saving for our customers.
SKYBRIDGE® operates through Seabridge® handling facilities in very close proximity to Dublin Airport and Heathrow Airports.

SKYBRIDGE® Operates an inter Airport trunking service between Ireland and Manchester, Heathrow, Amsterdam and Frankfurt airports thus providing greater flexibility to connect with long-haul services of the leading airlines to and from Asia and North America.
This concludes the Air Cargo section.


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