The SEABRIDGE® organisation, at all levels of the organisation, has a strict regime of corporate governance that includes Health & Safety, Ethical Trading Policy, Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policies, Gender Pay Imbalance Policy, Privacy Policy, supply a Code of Conduct and AEO Certification.  


Health & Safety
SEABRIDGE® Health and Safety is embedded across the organisation on a day to day and hour by hour basis. The Company strives for continuous improvement from a very high standard with any infringements being reported to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis and raised at weekly Operational Meetings throughout the organisation.
Ethical Trading Policy
As SEABRIDGE® is an active member of the SEDEX Ethical Trades Standards, the Company has a zero tolerance in the context of Anti-Bribery or Corruption, Gender Pay Imbalances, abuse of Code of Conduct by any of our Suppliers and confidentiality strictly adhered to in both the day to day and year to year commercial activities.
Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy
It is SEABRIDGE® policy that all of its business activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations wherever SEABRIDGE® operates, to meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. The purpose of this Global Anticorruption Policy is to ensure compliance by employees and representatives of the Company with the anticorruption laws worldwide. SEABRIDGE® Compliance & Ethics (C&E) program provides a framework for setting, reviewing and achieving anti-bribery objectives. A copy of the SEABRIDGE® Anti-Corruption policy is available on request.
Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
AEO status is a certified standard authorisation issued by customs administrations in the European Union (EU). It certifies that an economic operator has met certain standards in relation to:
  • safety and security
  • systems to manage commercial records
  • compliance with customs rules
  • financial solvency
  • practical standards of competence or professional qualifications.
This is primarily a trade facilitation measure that recognises reliable operators and encourages best practice in the international supply chain. As an AEO, you could benefit from:
  • recognition worldwide as safe, secure and compliant business partners in international trade
  • lower risk scores in risk analysis systems when profiling
  • priority treatment if physical controls are conducted
  • mutual recognition of AEO programmes under Joint Customs Cooperation Agreements which could result in faster movement of goods through third country borders
  • easier access to simplified procedures
  • reduction or waiver of comprehensive guarantees.
Supplier Code of Conduct
SEABRIDGE® is committed to the highest level of ethics and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and Company policies, including anticorruption laws such as the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. We expect the same of those we do business with.
To ensure adherence to those high standards, SEABRIDGE® requires all third-party agents and subcontractors providing services to undergo an extensive compliance due diligence process.
SEABRIDGE® reviews all code of conduct policies including training programs provide or given to third party companies and their representatives of SEABRIDGE®.
Privacy Policy
Your privacy and the protection of the information provided to us, is very important. SEABRIDGE® Group conducts its business ethically and is committed to a high level of compliance in respect of any legally relevant requirements. We want you to know that your Personal Data is in safe hands.


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