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Seabridge Bulk Transportation

Seabridge is an effective, efficient and reliable partner specialising in logistics solutions to the bulk food, beverage, chemical and pharma industry in Ireland, United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

The spectrum of products we handle extends from standardised, mass produced bulk products through to highly specialised chemical products with a very specific and sometimes complex logistical operation.bulk_tankers.jpg

Seabridge operates standardised equipment through to individually designed tankers for specialised products. We design and devise the optimum delivery solution by drawing on the current fleet of thirty five specialised pieces of equipment and from the larger more varied equipment available on short term rental.

Road tankers with special linings against corrosion, various heating and cooling systems, varying chamber sizes in a wide range of unloading services are available. Paramount to the bulk transport division is safety. Seabridge currently employs a highly skilled management team with over five DGSA Officers across the Group.

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